Restoration Glossary

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An outdoor extension of a building, situated above the ground level, and open to the sky.

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Timber Framing

Timber framing was the standard method of constructing the structure of a house from the seventeenth century into the nineteenth century. Consisting of heavy oak, pine, chestnut or spruce timbers hewn or sawn from logs and mortised-and-tenoned together, the timber frame is a signature element of pre-industrial house construction. First Period (1630-1725) timber-framing methods relied on techniques established in the framed houses of sixteenth-century England, but by the early-eighteenth century, timber-framing methods had become normalized around a system that, except for a gradual diminishing in the dimensions of the timbers used, and an increase in the use of mechanically-worked timber, did not change significantly until the introduction of the balloon frame in the mid-nineteenth century

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A transom is the bar between the top of a door and the window above it. Transom windows may be rectangular or fan-shaped. Transoms can be found above both exterior and interior doorways and are practical as well as decorative, allowing more light and adding ventilation into interior spaces.

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Tuck-pointing is a term often used interchangeably with re-pointing or pointing. However, the term is used to describe a specific method of finishing mortar joints developed in the late eighteenth century in England. In an effort to create the impression of a fine joint, bricks were laid in mortar of a matching color and flush with the exterior face of the brick. Then, a thin strip of mortar in a contrasting color (usually white) was laid in the still wet mortar joint. From afar, this gave the impression of more expensive and well-formed brickwork. Another, less sophisticated technique was to draw a thin line (called a tuck), into flush-faced mortar.

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Tudor Revival
The Tudor Revival style is inspired by English architecture of the 16th century. The signature characteristics include high-pitched gable roofs, projecting gables, and exposed stucco and faux timber framing.
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A small tower that pierces a roofline. A turret is usually cylindrical, and is topped by a conical roof.

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