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 Noblestories features life in the 1890’s

In the late 19th century, Noblesville was the largest city in Hamilton County. The Firestone plant and Forest Park were not yet built. The high school was downtown in Seminary Park and there was no hospital. Several railroads ran through town. The city limits barely stretched a few blocks outside of the courthouse square. It was a different time. For the next Noblestories, local author and REALTOR Kurt Meyer takes a close look at life in 1890’s Noblesville with words and pictures from that era.

Noblestories is a program of the Noblesville Preservation Alliance that gives today’s residents a glimpse into Noblesville’s past. NPA is partnering with Hamilton County Television to present and preserve these memories to help inform and enrich the lives of current and future residents. The event is streamed live on Hamilton County TV and available for viewing afterward at

This is the fourth in the series, which also presented memories of high school in the 1960’s, the Firestone plant and a promotional film of the city made back in the 1930’s.

Join us for the next Noblestories program Sunday January 26, 4:00pm at Preservation Hall, 1274 Logan St. The Noblesville Preservation Alliance recently purchased the former Logan Street Sanctuary and is committed to scheduling community-oriented programming. The hall is also available to the public for rent.

Noblestories is free and open to the public, which is encouraged to participate with questions and commentary.

Enriching the present by honoring the past through the preservation of Noblesville’s historic architecture and authentic character.

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