Enriching the present by honoring the past through the preservation of Noblesville’s historic architecture and authentic character.


For more than 30 years, the Noblesville Preservation Alliance has been working to protect our historic architecture. We believe that respecting and restoring our built environment is crucial to preserving the character of our neighborhoods and maintaining the kind of city we can be proud of. We are all volunteers, so we invest all of our financial resources back into our community.

It’s about more than buildings. It’s ensuring that as this city grows, it retains certain values: a balance between residential and commercial development, a respect for property rights and a focus on a community culture that stresses heathy living and vibrant neighborhoods.

We welcome anyone who appreciates Noblesville’s historic assets and wants to work to preserve them. We’re best known for our annual Historic Home Tour (always the third Saturday in September) and we offer several opportunities to get involved in that tour or in other events. We hope you will join us.



Noblestories Storyteller Series

The newest edition of Noblestories features memories of working at Firestone. It was Hamilton County’s largest employer in the middle of the 20th Century. About 2000 people worked there at peak employment in the 70’s. We apologize that first five minutes of the presentation were cut due to technical issues. The speakers are Lynn Taylor, who ran the plant as it was being closed, and Gary Reynolds, an engineer who worked there for many years. The host is Mike Corbett, NPA Treasurer. 

Filmed Sunday October 28th at the Logan Street Sanctuary

Filmed Sunday July 15th at the Logan Street Sanctuary

Special thanks to Hamilton County Television for their generous support of this program

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